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Count on quality

Key events in Secna history

1960's - 1970's

1961  -  Establish factory for caramel brown food color in Italy

1971 -   Begin producing grape juice concentrate in Spain

1978  -  Begin selling natural food color from grape


1994  -  Begin selling natural food color from black carrot

1999  -  Sell an Italian plant to what is now Oterra for minimally processed natural color production

2000 - today

2012  -  Build grape processing plant in Utiel, Spain

2015  -  Build plant for finishing grape products in Chiva, Spain

2021  -  Oterra acquires and has responsibility for natural color sales. Secna continues selling grape concentrate and musts.

Grape juice concentrate production in Spain

Expertly selected, harvested and pressed in Spain 

For over 50 years, we have delivered grape juice concentrates and grape must to beverage and food manufacturers worldwide

Based on our strong belief that natural is best, we continue to empower our partners to meet demand for safe, sustainable and natural food.

Valencia and Manchuela are among the best grape growing regions in Spain

From the heart of the Spanish grape country

The grape-growing regions of Valencia and Manchuela are our backyard. Efficient sourcing from grape growing cooperatives, local production in modern facilities and an international port nearby means no unnecessary costs to get the best of Spain delivered to your door.

Agronomy and vertical integration

Vertical integration from fields to concentrate

Grape juice from vitis vinifera vines

100% grape juice only from vitis vinifera  vines

Better farming practises

Long-term relationships with cooperatives and farmers

Tailored to your specifications

Specify your exact needs – we tailor our product to yours

Certified grape juice concentrate

We follow HACCP principles, and are FSSC 220000-2011 credited, halal and non-GMO certified

Quality assurance

Benefit from our ability to conduct extensive testing and analysis at our lab

Grape yard in Spain

We believe in a natural and sustainable world

Our products are 100 natural and come from facilities that reduce waste and comply with environmental laws and regulations
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