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Grape juice concentrate and grape must concentrate

Grape juice and must

Popular across categories

Our concentrated juice and must is a natural ingredient used as:

  • Substrate in the fermentation process of wines and other alcoholic beverages or to adjust or to adjust their sweetness or color

  • Fruit juice in the beverage industry

  • Natural flavor and sweetener for soft confectionery, gelatin dessert or fruit preparation.

Always from vitis vinifera vines

All our juices are obtained from the highest quality varieties of white and red grapes, and then concentrated by evaporating some of the water content. We can tailor the following parameters:

  • Brix

  • SO2 content

  • Color intensity


Rectified grape must / grape syrup

A natural ingredient

Keep your ingredient lists free from chemical-sounding terms with our 100% natural grape syrup to sweeten your juices, beverages, sweets and jams.

Only natural sugars

Our deionized grape concentrate contains only grape liquid and sugar (dextrose and fructose). All flavor, color, acids and minerals have been removed. Use it in these applications:

  • Fruit juice and soft drinks

  • Soft confectionery

  • Gelatin desserts

  • Fruit preparation

  • Any food with medium to high water content

Grape yard in Spain

Valued for centuries

We specialize in grape juice from vitis vinifera vines. 100% grape, just as nature intended. 100% natural, just as your customers like it.

Looking for natural food colors?

Look no further. Our parent company offers a full palette of appealing colors, including red from our grape.

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