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Juice-based beverages


No matter your beverage production, you need a consistent, standardized product regardless of harvest variances and time of delivery. Our grape juice concentrate and grape syrup are the optimal answer to meet consumer demand for more natural beverages while enabling you to deliver a consistent product shipment after shipment.

Wine, wine-based drinks and vinegar


For any of your wine sector applications such as wine, other alcoholic beverages or vinegar, our grape musts offer you the best solution as a substrate for fermentation or simply to sweeten or adjust color of your product. We use the highest quality varieties of grapes from vitis vinifera vines grown in Spain.

Grape juice concentrate

Grape juice as a 100% natural ingredient

For sweetener, flavor, and color tints, look to our high quality, grape-based ingredients.


We tailor each shipment to your needs regarding color, Brix, pH  and SO2, and we deliver in quantities from drum to bulk tank.

Sweetened and colored with grape juice

Confectionery and sweet applications

Are your customers looking for more natural ingredients even when they indulge? Use our grape juice concentrates to sweeten, flavor and color your soft sweets, gelatin desserts and jams. Or try our grape syrup as a natural sweetener.

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